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What about disabled access?
We can fit wheelchair compatible doors and access ramp.

Are you truly Cumbrian?
Yes! We are based in Staveley in the Lake District National Park. We attempt to source all our materials locally and this is the case with all but the wheels (from Derby) and stove (if fitted). Our web site was designed in Gosforth, our marketing material produced in Kendal, chassis made locally etc.

Can you fit out the hut?
Yes, we can undertake any woodwork to order. We can install fitted beds, kitchens, shower rooms and toilets, including electrical fittings. You will need to provide a power supply and suitable drainage.

What if our hut is damaged during delivery?
Cumbrian Shepherd Huts are fully insured and whilst we will make every effort to avoid any damage, if some does occur, it will be made good.

What if my site for the hut is difficult to access?
We ask in our Terms and Conditions that you have an accessible and prepared site, however, we do appreciate that some sites may not have the right accessibility. If this is the case, we will undertake a brief survey of the site and suggest other forms of delivery (for example via low-loader and crane). There may be an additional cost.

Do we need any site preparation before the hut is delivered?
Not if the site is well drained and on firm ground, although we always suggest that you might have stone/flagstone “pads” to sit the wheels on (our huts are heavy!).

Do we need planning consent?
We are not Planning Advisers and any issues concerning Planning should be discussed with a specialist adviser or your local Planning Authority. However, it is our understanding that you do not need Planning Consent to locate a Shepherds Hut on land, you may, however, need a “Change of Use” relevant to the land it sits on if, say, you were to run a business from the hut. Advice from the Woodlands fraternity, suggests the following ‘Part 4 of the GPDO may be of interest to those not working in forestry but wanting occasionally to stay overnight in their woodland. According to this section, on a holding exceeding 5 acres, up to three caravans can be stationed for human habitation at any one time, provided that the site is not used for this purpose for more than 28 days in a year . We would stress that we cannot be held responsible for any planning issues that may arise.

Can I move my hut?
Yes, you can move a Cumbrian Shepherds Hut over a limited distance on its own wheels (bear in mind it is not roadworthy), but more importantly, if you move house, you can take it with you!

Can you build an “off-grid” hut?
Yes, we can supply a hut powered by a photo voltaic panel with leisure battery storage; propane gas heated water and fridge is also an option.

Our standard "Mickleden" Shepherd Hut is available for £13,945 exclusive of VAT. Please contact us for details.

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